Hammer Mill

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The mill crushers large size solid material into required size. It is composed of coarse crushing, fine crushing, air conveying and other devices, and it crushes material by high velocity c...

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Raymond Mill

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We has 20-year-experience of Raymond roller mill manufacturing and development. Recent year we keep improving Raymond mill technology on performance and quality. Advantage Independ...

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Ball Mill Grinding Plant in Chile

ball mill could wet grind and dry grind many kinds of minerals and grindable material according to different ore discharge methods there are grid type and overflow type ball mill...

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Over the years, MT Mill Machine Group has been learning from the advanced technology of domestic and foreign counterparts, and through independent innovation and careful design, it has specialized in manufacturing: Hammer Mill, Raymond Mill, Ball Mill Grinding Plant in Chile, Mill Machine, mill crushers, vertical mixing mill, lifting type mixing mill, vertical circulating mill, horizontal ball mill, Horizontal sand mill, ultra-fine mill, dry ball mill, filter press, mixer, vibrating screen, etc., a series of excellent performance, low-cost products, widely used in electronics, ceramics, magnetic materials, structural ceramics , ceramic capacitors, alumina ceramics, dielectric ceramics, refractory materials, phosphors, non-metallic minerals, abrasives, chemicals, metallurgy, rare earth magnetic materials, catalysts, plastics, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, battery materials, metal powders, pigments, coatings, powders Coal ash, food additives, metallurgy and other powder industries. Whether it is applied to high hardness materials (silicon carbide, corundum, garnet, zirconia, zircon sand, tourmaline), or lightweight materials - silica matting agent, or material under inert gas protection (magnesium) Powder, aluminum powder, neodymium iron boron, barium iron nitrogen, etc.). At the same time, the company can design and manufacture special equipment according to the needs of customers and on-site installation...